From a student summer project to reimagining the web agency model – here’s our founding story.

Strategic web design and development agency NAB Design began as a spark in the mind of a tech-savvy middle schooler. Nabil Anouti, now a McGill University valedictorian graduate, started his web development journey by creating a website for his mother’s small business during a leisurely summer in 8th grade. This initial project, born out of necessity and curiosity, was a stepping stone. Nabil then taught himself in learning graphic design, digital marketing, and coding online. In doing so, he quickly discovered the challenges small business owners face in the digital landscape. High agency costs, unreliable freelancers, and the daunting task of navigating drag & drop builders highlighted a significant gap in the industry.

In 2016, Nabil thus posted a *very* student-rate ad on Kijiji (a local classifieds board) advertising web design services. Then just 14, he secured his first paying client – a Montreal optician who saw potential in the high-pitched voice on the other end of the phone. This milestone marked the birth of NAB Design, a venture that would soon evolve into something more significant.

Nabil’s vision was to create a Unified Approach to digital services, drawing inspiration from how big tech companies integrate various components into a seamless whole. This approach involved handling all creative services under one entity to eliminate intermediaries and ensure brand consistency. The strategy quickly gained traction.

Since its 2018 inception, NAB Design has been dedicated to making exceptional website strategy, design, and development more accessible and personalized. From its early restaurant chain and emerging fashion brand clients to now spearheading larger marketing projects, we have consistently delivered agency-level quality with freelancer-level care and pricing.

Today, NAB Design benefits from Nabil’s unique blend of business acumen, creativity, and strategic insights gained from his work experiences at Adobe, Deloitte, and the CBC. Our team’s relentless focus on accessibility is at our core. We believe in reaching people where they are – online – with beautiful, functional websites that support organizational goals.

We’re not just building websites; we’re crafting digital experiences that resonate. Whether you’re growing or just starting out, our remote model ensures cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality and we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your web investment.

Join us on this digital journey, and let NAB Design be the catalyst for your online success.

Our work speaks for itself

Our mission is to make beautiful and functional websites accessible, and we truly love what we do. We’re uniquely cost-effective and personalized through deep care for your goals. That’s why our clients hire us – genuine dedication with every project.

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